@CryptoLogicJohn, State of the Crypto Market 18/09/2022

State of the Crypto Market

Are we in the clear or is everything in shambles? The crypto market is an interesting space. It’s new territory for most people. It’s volatile, unpredictable and fascinating, all at the same time. It is a space where you can have tears of joy and tears of pain in a moment’s notice. Yet, people still love to stay. Of course, there are those who came in amid the rise and fall of meme coins like (Doge, SafeMoon, Shib, etc.,) and now most of them are gone. They’ll be back. 

The crypto space is maturing more everyday. We are at the point where the economy is in a recession and signs of more pain is coming. The crypto space is going to be impacted by the macro economic environment. Rising interest rates to combat rising inflation. Is it the best time to buy? The best step of action is to make capital and to save capital. You want to give yourself the best opportunity of being on the winning side of the recession and in order to do that you will need to increase your buying power.

Increasing your buying power will give you the opportunity to buy true, strong and powerful fundamental cryptos at amazing discounts amid the crash that is going to come.

That time will come some time after the US midterms, when the politicians don’t care about your votes any more. That will be bundled up with rising interest rates to go along with quantitative tightening, the economy will get hit hard and money will be sucked out of the stock market, crypto market and the housing market. All this needs to be done to combat against inflation. The future will be dim and bleak, but if you set yourself up, you will have the chance to come out on top.–

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