Exploring Dejitaru Tsuka $TSUKA

The highly anticipated and mysterious project ‘Dejitaru Tsuka’ ($TSUKA) has been attracting the eyes of the community with their radiating success and growth over the past months. $TSUKA at a current price of $0.06676 (23/10/2022) has shown significant growth being valued at only $0.004 one year ago.

TSUKA’s potential affiliation to Shiba Inu is also one factor the community cannot ignore, if Ryoshi is truly the person behind this project, its current evaluation is minuscule compared to $TSUKA’s true capabilities, and with decentralisation as its core value, the $TSUKA project will carry the torch that Shiba Inu should have carried in its early days.

The Dejitaru Tsūka Dragon will bring wealth and wisdom to its believers, and instill fear & terror in the hearts and minds of those who question.

This is the statement that Dejitaru Tsuka represents and interpretation has varied across the community. We can only let you as the reader establish your own meaning as the $TSUKA token is not one to be limited by an individual opinion.

Dejitaru Tsuka utilises itself as a therapeutic community helping those who struggle with mental health, acting as a symbol of hope and a voice for tranquillity. The community positions itself uniquely away from the stereotypical perception of greed, with every member supporting the community as opposed to mongering for profits.

Tsuka Sangha is the name of the community surrounding Dejitaru Tsuka, evidently across social media we can see that their beliefs mainly encompass positivity, meditation, and research – and this can truly be seen in the many threads that $TSUKA can be found on, with each member realising their responsibility as stewards of the token in comparison to blindly advertising in hopes for an increase in market capitalisation.

We can only continue to keep our eyes on the future developments, however, we at TGM are only optimistic about the future steps of the project.

Find their links here: https://linktr.ee/dejitarutsuka

They have also been mentioned across other platforms such as The Guardian, Bitcoin.com, and Express.co.uk to name a few.

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