“FuzionX – Your All-in-One Crypto and NFT Trading Platform”

With the launch of cryptocurrencies,  traders sought out exchange platforms where they can transact securely and without boundaries. Soon enough, different blockchain companies began launching their various exchanges. Some specialized in decentralized platforms while others specialized in centralized platforms. While some focused on the transaction involving fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies, others were means of minting and trading non-fungible tokens or digital assets.

Each of these options had their different strengths. However, they all had one common weakness – neither of them was comprehensive enough. As such, they did not provide inclusive service for users. Due to this, users had to operate multiple accounts on different exchanges and wallets. Which in turn means remembering various passwords and incurring excessive transaction fees while distributing funds across different channels. These experiences made trading cumbersome especially for newbies, who have had to risk or lose assets in the process of switching platforms multiple times.

Even CeFi is not exempt from faults. One of such is the issue of security breaches. As there have been numerous cases of successful hacks over the past 2 years.

This is why Zenith Chain has built an all encompassing exchange solution, to give crypto users an upgraded and highly efficient trading experience.

FuzionX – For Everything Crypto and NFTs

With FuzionX, your days of worrying over these challenges are over. This is because FuzionX which is an upgraded version of the previously released Zenith CEX is everything that you have been waiting for. It is your one-stop-shop for everything regarding the ownership and transfer of cryptocurrencies and digital assets and easy access to Web 3.0.

Features of FuzionX

The FuzionX is a composition of both centralized finance and DeFi. For a better understanding, these are the means through which this new exchange from Zenith Chain will solve all your blockchain related problems.


Spot Trading of 300+ Tokens

The new exchange will feature spot trading options for crypto enthusiasts who want multiple trading options. They will be able to buy and sell $ZENITH, $BTC, $ETH, $ETC, $TRX and other coins at the market conditions that they prefer.

Debit and Credit Card Enabled

As an upgrade to the current Zenith CEX, FuzionX will feature debit and credit card trading. Simply put, users will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their issued bank cards.

Simplified Trading Interface

At Zenith Chain, we understand that not everyone is a “crypto wizard”. That is why we are creating a simpler version for users to swipe to different interfaces and swap different coins. This option is so simple that even a first timer will be able to use it without fuss. Yes, it is that easy to use.

Margin Trading

Speaking of crypto wizards, we still have a lot to offer you. FuzionX will also come with a margin trade option that will allow you to flip your funds and increase your earnings.

Futures Trading

“Trading futures is a new exciting way to make money in crypto. FuzionX by Zenith Chain can help traders carry out leveraged trading.”

OTC Trading

FuzionX will power Over-The-Counter or OTC Trading where private buyers and sellers can trade securely. This provides increased privacy and liquidity for both buyers and sellers.

P2P Trading

As an alternative to using a Verse, VISA or MasterCard, users can also send and receive tokens amongst themselves via our P2P trading platform. Instead of buying from or selling to Zenith, you can transact with others users like you. We will only serve as a medium for doing so.


Furthermore, the earnings are not limited to just the experts or those who understand DeFi. There is a simplified means of earning passive income on the centralized exchange. This subsection will feature Staking, Liquidity Pools, and other Yields.


As mentioned above, there will be a section for decentralized finance. In this part of FuzionX, there will be multiple trading pools where you can simply connect your wallet to either contribute to or buy from and earn money.

Decentralized Exchange

What is a DeFI zone without a decentralized exchange? Well, not a DeFi zone. That is why Zenith Chain is incorporating a DEX into FuzionX. This section will offer a very good and effective user interface whereby users can easily contribute and benefit from liquidity pools.

More so, this aspect of the exchange will be built on the Zenith blockchain. As such, users will not have to worry about slow completion of transactions. As we currently boast of the fastest chain on the planet. 


To reduce the need as well as the cost of the transfer of tokens and other digital assets, this upgrade will feature an in-built wallet in the centralized platform. Meanwhile, users who want to use the DeFi platform can either decide to use the in-house storage option or opt for third parties like Metamask, Trust, Wax, etc.

DApp Browser

It is almost impossible to talk about Zenith Chain without mentioning the inbuilt DApp Explorer. With the FuzionX DApp browser, you can have access to your favourite DApps or websites of your favourite tokens and NFTs without having to exit the wallet. This explorer is so secure that no hacker will be able to mine or steal your data.

The introduction of FuzionX hybrid exchange will definitely address the majority of the challenges facing decentralized and centralized finance. Users with minimal funds will be able to participate in liquidity pools. There will be less fuss in managing their portfolios. Most importantly, their assets will be secure. For the records, there has not been a successful hack on the Zenith Chain network. Therefore, security is guaranteed.


What is a “comprehensive” cryptocurrency platform without an NFT marketplace? Well, not all-encompassing enough. FuzionX covers all angles by incorporating a marketplace where you will be able to mint and trade NFTs. These digital assets will range from in-game assets, and artworks, to digital representation of real-life assets. You should consider minting that your land deed or home purchase document.

About Zenith Chain

Zenith Chain is a Hybrid EVM blockchain platform built for efficiency. Leveraging our Proof-of-Authority mechanism, we provide users with an extremely fast, secure and a low fee environment to transact, for both enterprise and retail uses. Zenith Chain is home to digital money, having a flourishing community that is building an entire ecosystem for decentralized finance, digital proof of ownership, and NFTs on our public ledger, decentralized infrastructure, and applications.

FuzionX is planned to be launched on the 30th of June 2022. 

To get fast updates about FuzionX launch plans, join Zenith Chain communities to learn more.

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