Hourglass Releases Updated Roadmap including “Next Crypto Gem” events, $WAIT App Integration with Token Utility

“The Next Crypto Gem” TV series will be seen on over 178 platforms in 55 Countries and 12 languages.

Hourglass has updated our near-term roadmap including several events this month leading up to the Summer release of “The Next Crypto Gem — Season 1.”

Each of the upcoming roadmap events (and many more that are not included) will be discussed in more detail in separate releases. This is a sneak peek at just a few things we have coming.

Stay tuned as we also have several upcoming interviews lined up where you can learn more about what’s ahead.

March 2023

Primary Shooting Wraps for Season 1 of “The Next Crypto Gem” featuring Brian D. Evans, George Tung, Layah Heilpern with Guest Stars Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong, Tom Dwan and Original Shark Tank Shark Kevin Harrington

April 2023

Reveal of New Distribution Platforms and Territories “The Next Crypto Gem” has Secured

April 17–19 2023

“The Next Crypto Gem” represented at MIPTV Conference in Cannes, France

April 2023

Reveal of First of Many Hourglass-NEFT Event Integrations

April 2023

Reveal of “Project HG” Mobile App Integration, Introducing New $WAIT Rewards Utility

Q2 2023

Reveal of Partnerships and Advisors Secured for Hourglass $WAIT App Integrations with NEFT Brand Companies and Project HG

Q2 2023

Ongoing Announcements on Season 2 of “The Next Crypto Gem” including the introduction of $WAIT token integration with show

Summer 2023

Global Release of “The Next Crypto Gem — Season 1” and International Press Tour


“The Next Crypto Gem — Season 2” Production Begins


“Project Alpha” Surprise $WAIT Token Integration Announcement


“The Next Crypto Gem — Season 2” Release, Development of “The Next Crypto Gem — Season 3” and Production of New Crypto Themed TV Series partnered with bspoketv and NEFT Entertainment

About Hourglass:

Hourglass is a community-driven, tax-free token with renounced ownership. 100% is circulating. The mission of Hourglass is to elevate Web 3.0 by incubating projects that bridge the crypto space with mainstream entertainment, popular apps, major retail brands, and large-scale real-life events.

Hourglass is a partner in producing “The Next Crypto Gem” TV show, which brings the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency to a mainstream television audience for the first time.

For more information, you can visit the Hourglass website here.

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