Hourglass Sponsors UFC, The Future.

Hourglass ($WAIT) is proud to announce that they are sponsoring undefeated Irish UFC fighter Ian “The Future” Garry (10–0) ahead of his UFC 285 clash against Song Kenan on the Jones-Gane PPV card.

“We are proud to sponsor Ian ‘The Future’ Garry,” ahead of his UFC 285 clash, commented Hourglass co-chair Jett Tang. “Ian is an absolute phenom and has the potential to be a global sensation. He’s incredibly skilled, exciting to watch, charismatic and is a champion in the making. He’s also extremely intelligent, entrepreneurial, and likes what we are doing with taking crypto mainstream with The Next Crypto Gem TV show.”

“I expect huge things from Ian and we are thrilled to be on the bandwagon early! ” Jett added.

About Hourglass:

Hourglass is a community-driven, tax-free token with renounced ownership. 100% is circulating. The mission of Hourglass is to elevate Web 3.0 by incubating projects that bridge the crypto space with mainstream entertainment, popular apps, major retail brands, and large-scale real-life events.

Hourglass is a partner in producing “The Next Crypto Gem” TV show, which brings the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency to a mainstream television audience for the first time.


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