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Introduction, Who is Hourglass $WAIT

Alight folks, so just as a quick introduction my name is Jett. I’m @ultrastarter on Twitter and TG. To make a long story short, prior to being involved in Crypto, I grinded for over 10 yrs in different forms of business development type roles and dabbled in the world of being a “legit” businessman as a M&A investment banker.(It sucked lol) I also ran a recruiting business and a small resort, which I sold earlier this year in order to dedicate all my time and resources into blockchain, which I consider the most exciting space of our lifetime. Most people know me from my content on blockchain gaming. I’ve been involved with the communities of Ultra $UOS and Wasder $WAS for quite a while and interviewed both of their CEOs.

There are basically 2 niches right now within blockchain I’m the most excited about. One is blockchain gaming, because I believe it’s a legitimate path to bring mass adoption to crypto. The other is decentralized communities with fair launch, no tax and liquidity locked for years.

This is because I’ve seen so many large projects screw over well meaning token holders by endless dilution and horrific tokenomics. Similarly, the number of tokens in the ultra micro cap sector that end up being tax grabs and rug pulls with unlocked liquidity is horrifying.

With TRUE community tokens with stealth launch, no tax, renounced ownership and locked liquidity, like $TSUKA and Hourglass $WAIT it’s all circulating, so you can’t be screwed over by some outside force. There are no angel round deals, Pre-ICO deals, VC deals, OTC deals with some folks getting better entry than others. There is no need for a company to dump tokens to fund massive monthly salary expenses etc. There is purity. The destiny of the token is determined by the strength of the community.

I got involved with Hourglass $WAIT on the 2nd half of the first day of launch after being told about the project by @LoFurno555, who also told me about $TSUKA when it was sub 1 mil market cap and is a real genius “Gem Finder.” Hourglass was created by an anonymous developer who basically created a Picasso in tokenomics structure. He was tired of all the “scams, larps, and rug pulls” in crypto so he made the token zero tax, locked liquidity for 100 years and renounced ownership, so the community truly owns this token, not him. Since then he has bought and burned 2 million of the 100 million supply to help us along on the sidelines.

Every morning when I wake up, I have far more missed messages in the Hourglass TG community than I have in projects I follow with 50-100 times the market cap. We are now ranked #2 on GemsRadar, which is ranked by community vote and will be headed to #1 soon. We have a very organized and passionate community with great leaders like @lemondropps @UOSJoe @LoFurno555 @TheSteelHandedStingray just to name a few. We have worked together to create strong community content, organize a NFT collection launch, and are constantly working on ways to expand adoption and build utility into the $WAIT eco-system.

A decentralized community tends to attract a community that mirrors its early adopters, leaders and advocates. We just have the most incredible group of individuals I’ve ever seen. We have leaders and members from communities that are much bigger that have come together to form a type of “Superband” in being part of Hourglass $WAIT. Artists, techies, developers, influencers, crypto educators, athletes, we have it all. We’re not satisfied to just participate in the crypto space. We are gunning for the highest heights possible because we know what we have is precious and special.

Do you have connections to cybersecurity auditors who can create an audit for the $WAIT token? e.g., Hacken Club? – stevn_ar

Haha. @stevn_ar you may have accidentally stolen our PR thunder for next week. But yes, this is in process.

Hourglass is all about community so how do I get involved if I dig the project and want to help? – KitsumonOG

We have a very active and tight knit Telegram community, so the best way is to join there and post from time to time. If we start seeing you as a regular presence, we’ll get to know you and invite you to our planning / building groups. Also in your case, since i know you, just DM me on Twitter and i’ll hook you up.

What is it that makes you guys a unique project in the crypto space? – CamGoossen

There are 2 things. First the tokenomics could not possibly get any better. 100% circulating, fair stealth launch, no tax, 100 years of locked liquidity, developer even buying and burning making the token effectively deflationary. I’ve been in great communities that are taken down by poor tokenomics. If a project is going to rug, it doesn’t matter how good the community is. Likewise if a company only has a small % circulating and is going to dump tons of tokens just so early investors can make out good, it doesn’t matter how passionate the community is. What we have here is…

Perfect tokenomics combined with an incredibly passionate, inspired community that really believes in this projects and has the highest standards for what we believe we can achieve. Anyone who questions this, i would just ask you visit our Telegram and experience the positivity and ambition and follow our Twitter to see how fast we are building.

Our twitter is https://twitter.com/Hourglass_Wait

Do you plan to provide more liquidity? If so, how will that be funded since there are no team/dev tokens? – Ardian_Cryp

That’s a great question. We do need more liquidity and we have a specific plan to address that. First, we have community members who have added liquidity, I have added some and we just found out another member has added some. One of the top wallets in $TSUKA is in our community and he has also talked about adding liquidity.

Second, 100% of the proceeds of our HourglassX NFT collection mint will be going towards improving the Hourglass $WAIT eco-system and marketing, so a good chunk will go into liquidity.

One more thing i’ll mention is, we have many people including myself that could solve this issue alone and just add any amount, but I also want to see this as a decentralized, team effort. By funding this partially with our Hourglass NFT mint, which we just hired one of the top NFT marketing firms in existence to manage, we achieve this is a more organic. team manner.

How high do you think you can go? As a project, but also as a community?

If you look at what $SHIB did, running to 40 billion market cap last year, it’s an example of how fast and how high a passionate decentralized community can grow. Now, we have seen this most recently again with $TSUKA, which was under 1 mil market cap for 25 days and has hit 100 million market cap due to a very passionate and inspired community. To make it clear, we are not comparing ourselves to $SHIB or $TSUKA as they are what they are and we are what we are. There are some really special things our community is doing that gives us an individual identity. We are going to be tying art, film, music and possibly even gaming to our token eco-system. I believe as a community, we aren’t competing with any other token. In fact, we love supporting and partnering with other projects with similar goals that we respect. We are competing with ourselves and we want to achieve our highest potential.

I understand that among your plans is to organize live and virtual events, will these events be in different parts of the world? Do you have to have a certain amount of $WAIT to be able to access these events? What will be the theme of the events?

This is a great question. A lot of this is still in planning stages but we have talked about probably requiring an Hourglass NFT and / or $WAIT to attend. If we hold a real life event, we’ll try to have live stream capability for those who can’t attend in person. I would say the theme will probably be about the Hourglass Lore and storylines our community is building, but will also be just to have fun, meet other members, and party to be frank!

Can you tell us about your exclusive NFT HourglassX collection? How many NFT pieces will you have? What will be their attributes? What will be the role and utility of these NFTs within your ecosystem? What kind of benefits will these NFTs provide to their holders?

We just had a medium blog post yesterday discussing some of this https://medium.com/@hourglasswait/hourglass-foundation-chooses-moonclub-to-manage-our-exclusive-nft-collection-launch-128c97de17f4

I highly recommend you follow our Twitter and Medium for updates on the NFT collection

You have recently announced that you have chosen Moonclubcom for the launch of your exclusive NFT collection. Could you tell us why you have chosen this platform to launch your NFTs? What are the benefits of launching through it?

This one is easy to answer – Moonclub has launched countless NFT projects, generated over $20 million in sales and has worked with the likes of Animoco Brands, Yield Guild Games, Jaxx, Upland, and Axie Infinity. They bring a ton of experience as well as reach and will be a valued partner.

You mention that Hourglass will act as an incubator and a “promotion house”, what do you mean by a promotion house? What kind of criteria will you take into account or evaluate to choose the projects to incubate? What tools will you provide to these projects?

Great question. So first of all, we have to remember we are a decentralized community and not a corporation. So this is not something that will be like “American idol” or something. The way this has already worked in an organic manner is we have community members that are artists that may need funding and marketing reach and like our Hourglass lore / theme. Some of our community members, including myself have in some cases provided some funding to them to realize their vision and we have made some agreements to help them launch as a community project. It’s a win win because as a community we have a lot of reach together. Later on, we have discussed the possibility of making this more into a DAO process, but right now it’s informal.

Are there any plans to say… maybe merge in some way with Tsuka in future? As the story could potentially flow well with the Tsuka dragon 🐲🙏🏼

I don’t see this happening. As I mentioned, we have a great relationship with some key $TSUKA community members, some are $WAIT holders and I personally own quite a bit of $TSUKA myself. However, I don’t see us merging tokens at all, we have separate identities. We find their story very inspiring however and it’s one of those communities I mentioned we love and don’t compete with.

I was reading that the developer of Hourglass is anonymous, can you tell us a little about what is known about him so far? How can we trust the project being its developer anonymous? Who is in charge of the project now?

The beauty of crypto is actions often speak louder than words. You can have a developer saying all the right things, then rug everyone because liquidity is not locked. The developer of HG we know is a very sucessful individual who wanted to create something that was “scam proof” and “rug proof” by it’s inherent structure. He then renounced ownership of the project, which makes him equal to the token holder. This is why we say “The Community holds the Hourglass.” The project is now a community project, structured similarly to $TSUKA, we have community organizers but no CEO etc. We have one community leader also @Lemondropps who has contact with the dev and dev has told him he likes what we are doing and loves to see his vision actualized.

Do token holders have the right to participate in the management of other projects? Will they be able to vote on a new decision about the project?

We’ve talked about the potential for a DAO and it’s something that could possibly happen in the future.

To find out even more about the Hourglass project check out their website! https://hourglassx.com/

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