Hourglass $WAIT Third AMA recap

Yet another great AMA, the third one we’ve done with the Hourglass $WAIT to be exact.

We will jump straight into it, the previous AMAs will be linked down below.

Some initial words from Jett on telegram to start the AMA

“Yep so let me give a brief overview first”

“It’s only been a couple months since we put together the deal with NEFT Brands, and when we first did that it was clear we had tremendous potential. We’ve now transformed that potential into reality. If you look at our performance, it speaks for itself, we are in the top 1% of crypto performers overall and I believe that is for a good reason. We’ve had 3 major game changers recently:”

“1) The White Paper has allowed us to convey our vision with 1 simple link. In the past many were required to ‘connect the dots’ and we were made up of mostly friends in crypto that know each other and from word of mouth figured out how big this can be. Now it’s much easier to begin actually growing and spreading the word.”

“2) The TV Show is coming together even better than anyone possibly imagined. I am literally inundated with messages from crypto influencers and companies that want to be involved. You and see from the engagement on our announcements on our first 2 judges how big this is going to be for crypto as a whole.”

“3) The addition of the Gem Hunters as advisors has already proven to be invaluable. Our team is stacked like never before. They have immediately begun making priceless introductions and any missing pieces we had in the past have now been filled.”

“From a performance standpoint, the $WAIT token at its current price is far, far stronger than it was the first time we reached this level.”

“That is because the last 2 1/2 months those who believe in us and know we are building a blue chip accumulated. The strong hands know how high we can go.”

“Those who were satisfied with the gains from early on and aren’t going to be with us all the way to the top when we become a blue chip are mostly gone and have been replaced by those in the know.”

“One of our community leaders @LoFurno555 tweeted yesterday that we have a 5 mil or so market cap, but we have the business model and partnerships of billion dollar market cap tokens. I know for a fact that is 100% true.”

“Every day I walk in to the NEFT HQ, the mood is incredible, there is so much excitement. What is really interesting is they are an incubator / family wealth firm so there is not 1 company there but over 20. So there are multiple CEOs I meet there under the umbrella”

“One thing we teased in the new White Paper is we are going to be looking for ways to cross-promote and integrate the $WAIT token throughout ALL of these NEFT Brands companies”

“As big as the crypto TV show is going to be, this is just a PIECE of what we are doing, and there is much much more”

“I’m going to just put some links here then i’ll open it up to questions”

“If you already a member of our community, keep the link to our White Paper somewhere and bookmark it”


“The reaction to it has been fantastic. 95% of people I have sent the link to want to know. more and are very excited about what we have going. Remember, we are still in bear market. A lot of crypto companies are struggling. Some have payrolls they need to meet, some need to dump tokens just to make ends meet. We are 100% circulating. Our leadership, including me, are building this community to build us all up together with the highest possible upside and lowest possible risk.” 

“The head of NEFT Brands, our biggest token holder, has hundreds of millions of dollars in personal wealth. We are in perhaps the most enviable position I can think of. From that i’ll open it up to questions”

Who’s the next judge, Jett?

Haha that’s a good one. I just spoke with him yesterday. He is very famous in crypto

Do TV shows like that film the whole season before airing? Or do they air it as they go?

It will be filmed in a concentrated intense 7-8 days at a top studio out here in socal in March. The Writer’s Room is late this month and that will be very exciting. I’ll be there with all the pro writers, producers, directors for several days.

When will the show go into production and when will it be on tv?

Roughly – March / June or July- however we are going to make the entire making of the show an ongoing social media show in itself. Then after the run is over, we will move to season 2 and work on making season 2 even bigger. The production company does countless productions; they are not new and have all contingencies planned including insurance, etc. 

Oh also, everyone should see the Streetball trailer!

This is another production being shot by bspoke, our production partner right now. It will be in over 300 million homes.

What are the repayment terms for the lending you are providing, Will there be any rewards for token holders from this?

In terms of costs to build the community we are incurring, these are voluntarily donated, there is no lending involved. Like I said, we are blessed to have successful community members that can do this. We are 100% circulating, there are no “repayment terms”

During the creation of your project, do you consider community feedback or requests to further expand new ideas for the project?

Yes we always consider community feedback, when we launch the show we are actually talking about finding a way to integrate crypto community voting.

How will contestants on the show be vetted?  Will that be public or announcements made to the public on successful applications? Or will the vetting process form part of the show?

Good question. After we announce the 3rd and final judge, we will officially announce how contestants can submit to be considered. However, I am already talking to a large number of crypto projects that have told me ahead of time they are interested in being considered. The contestants will be vetted by the judges and producers of the show and we may also have some scenarios where we involve community voting.

Any estimates of how many crypto projects may be involved?

Yes, many will be considered but the show will mostly revolve around the final 4 after episode 1.

You said not only entertainment but also education plays a role at hourglass as a project in general, is this true for the show? Will people who have no idea about crypto enjoy it?

Yes 100%. We have a great mix of producers, some that know the crypto field well and others who simply have been in the entertainment industry forever and know how to make great TV. It’s very important we both appeal to the crypto community and educate and entertain those who don’t know much about it. In the White Paper we mention, we believe the mainstream media has a very anti-crypto negative bias. We want to be a force that helps offset this. They don’t like to talk about the innovation nearly as much as they like just piling on talking about the scandals. This is why crypto education and shows like ours are so important.

Will there be a formal way to apply to be a show contestant or will all this be decided behind the scenes?

Yes there will be a formal submission form we’ll announce most likely next week

How much market value do we aim to achieve this year?

Rather than give you a number, I’ll just say we aim to fulfill the potential we have via our existing partners to be a top blue chip and one of the most important forces in Web 3.0. We have unique ability to bridge blockchain with mainstream brands, events, media and entertainment we will fully capitalize on.

Will the NFT mentioned earlier appear this year?

We have multiple NFT projects in the works. I’ll give you guys a little tease…..

Regarding NFT projects…

Some of you might have remembered when I tweeted this

We have just begun actively working on a NFT project collab with NEFT and the Andretti Steinbrenner race team. The Steinbrenners are close partners of NEFT and the billionaire family that was famous for owning the NY Yankees.

When you expect to have some fundamental token utility ready for announcement, you and NEFT had meetings in that regard right? I think everyone is excited to learn more.

Adding $WAIT token utility isn’t going to be a 1 time thing but ongoing as we have lots of plans for this, the White Paper teases some of this, but we will make the announcements as they come

I remember it was mentioned that early buyers who diamond held would have some kind of benefits. Could you give us a hint?

Yes we’re going to tie rewards to $WAIT ownership, not just amount but time held. We’re still early on this but are working on it. It’s one of the projects Gem Hunters is advising on also.

There will be benefits from having Hourglass NFTs?


Do we know the price for NFTs minting?

Not yet, also there are different projects so each will vary.

I see that the plan on the official website will reward those who hold $wait. What are the criteria for judging this holding?

1) Amount 2) Time held 3) Conceptually may add extra rewards to wallets who have never sold, this is still being discussed

Have you guys considered which nft marketplace it will be launched on?

We’re working with an experienced 3rd party on the NEFT Andretti Steinbrenner project that will most likely create the mint site and handle this. They handle lots of top NFT project launches

Ok so to wrap things up. The buzz on the show is incredible. We’ll be making many more announcements soon. After we announce the 3rd judge, there will still be announcements about crypto influencer mentors and celebrity guest appearances.

For more information about Hourglass $WAIT visit: https://hourglassx.com/

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