Portugal’s Digital Transformation Plan

This is fairly old news, but definitely worth covering in the spotlight…

Portugal approved a ‘digital transformation plan’ in 2020. This strategy reflects Portugal’s stance on Crypto and it’s refreshingly positive outlook on the technology.

The plan includes three main goals.

  • Capacity building and digital inclusion
  • Blockchain is now becoming a pillar in secondary school education, improving it’s current curriculum and ensuring the young people of Portugal are well aware of Cryptocurrency. They are committed to providing equal opportunities to all, this is a mistake that other countries in Europe are making – simply not involving blockchain or cryptocurrency in the curriculum will allow other countries to latch onto breakthroughs at faster rates.

Not only secondary schooling – but also for young adults and adults alike, Portugal are ensuring that employees will have the opportunity to reskill and cover the widening job market in the Crypto space.

Digital transformation of business

Fortunately, the inclusion of blockchain within businesses is present across the world, however, in Portugal it’s becoming a focus with a statement

With the support of hubs, SMEs will be able to test new digital technologies, access advanced digital skills and get specialized training, advice and access to the funding needed for their digital transition, promote collaboration with other SMEs, large enterprises and entities from the research and innovation ecosystem.

Read more on the plan here!

Source: Europa.eu

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