Puli Token Releases Puli Runner Mobile Game Version 1.2 on Android and iOS

Puli Token announced an update to its play-to-earn crypto mobile game, Puli Runner, which uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to incorporate the BSC Token Puli. Puli Runner version 1.2 adds new features for free and paid users.

Puli Token announced the release of Puli Runner version 1.2 on the Android and iOS app stores. Puli Runner now features collectible coins in the run, with “more run per run.” The update also added in-game items to the store, like the coin magnet, which draws coins from both directions. Puli Runner is the first crypto game released by Puli Token.

“We are merging role-playing games and play-to-earn mobile gaming, NFTs, staking, and a unique Puli ecosystem like no other,” Puli Token founders said. “NFT holders will get more surprises and further benefits as we progress.”

Puli Token strives to surpass the other available GameFi tokens by giving usage and utility to the token through play-to-earn crypto games, which are designed to attract traditional gamers to Web3. The Puli team aims to make its games accessible from cellphones, PCs, and tablets, with all the services Puli offers working across platforms.

Puli Token crypto games

Puli Runner Mobile

With a collection of 2,000 unique Puli Runner NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain granting access to the play-to-earn Puli Runner, NFT-holders gain perks and benefits, with plans to include the ability to rent their NFT to free-tier players in the future. Available for free-tier players to download on the Android and iOS app stores and play immediately, Puli Runner is drawing much attention in the crypto gaming industry.

Puli Astro Mobile

Coming soon: Puli Astro will be Puli Token’s multi-platform space shooter crypto game. While the game is still in development, players can expect to take on the role of a spaceship pilot journeying through space and protecting the galaxy.

“Exciting NFTs and play-to-earn features will be implemented in this game as well,” Puli Astro designers said.

Puli Degens

Coming soon: Puli Degens will be a multi-player role-playing game. With two-dimensional artwork, designers built this game with a passion for gaming, pixel art, and innovation. Users should prepare for a nostalgic adventure with real-world use. Combining gaming with Puli Token’s NFTs and blockchain technology, Puli Degens will release on PC and then Android and iOS.

“Get benefits and rewards within the Puli Degen Universe,” creators said. “Simply hold a Puli NFT.”

Version 1.2 released

Puli Token founders discuss the Puli Runner game app and how the recent update changes the game. Puli Runner is a play-to-earn game using Puli Token as rewards. In addition, there are leaderboard contests for competitive win-to-earn gamers.

Investor bonuses

Investors can purchase a Puli Runner NFT. Puli is also a BEP-20 token on the BSC Network. Puli founders suggested users “ensure you have sufficient BNB for gas fees and set slippage to the recommended 12 percent.” Puli can be purchased via Trustwallet, Metamask, and is available for trading on XT.COM and many Decentralized Exchanges. 

“Your Puli NFT will act as the core to the Puli Ecosystem, and these gaming bonuses will also be determined by the rarity of your NFT,” Puli Token CEO Christopher Johnson, Ph.D. said.

Built for growth

According to Puli Token’s website, the Puli contract applies a 10 percent tax on every buy and sell transaction on a decentralized exchange and a zero percent tax associated with transfers. Nine percent of the tax revenue is reserved for growth and game development, ensuring the future of Puli.


Puli Token is emerging as a leader in the crypto gaming industry. With one successful game already available and two more releasing soon, Puli certainly seems to be mastering the art of GameFi. Visit the Puli Token website to learn more about crypto gaming and how to get involved.

Contact Details

Business: Puli Token

Contact Name: Christopher Johnson, Ph.D.

Contact Email: hello@pulitoken.net

Country: United States

Website: https://pulitoken.net

Chart: PULI price chart (PULI)

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