Tangent partners with Japanese Artist Kwrtz’s for their groundbreaking
“Lucky Draw” Genesis NFT Series launch on Cardano

Tangent, a blockchain based startup is integrating NFTs, DeFi utility and smart contracts bringing new capabilities and functionality to the Cardano network. To achieve their goals Tangent have recently enrolled the services of Japan-based artist wizkid Kwrtz as their artistic director.

A bit about Kwrtz

Kwrtz began drawing almost four years ago. He briefly studied graphic design in 2010 however but puts most of his skill learning down to self-study. In the last 12 months, Kwrtz has turned ‘professional’ allowing him to create art as a main source of income. Previous works include radical illustrations for beer labels, surf brands, snowboard graphics and pubs/bars, as well as many startup streetwear brands. His work can be seen across many countries including Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Japan; gaining a following / audience spanning the global. He currently resides in Hakuba, Japan with his 1 year old boy and wife, where he has created a studio to fine-tune and master his creations.

The Collaboration

Tangent have collaborated with artist Kwrtz across a number of designs with different usability across the project. The two main parts being:

  • The “12+1” Genesis NFT Operative Artwork Series
  • The Proof-of-Concept beer label design in collaboration with Gweilo Beer

The “12+1” Genesis NFT Operative Artwork series will be honorary NFTs that lionize the artists, scientists and thought leaders that inspired the Cardano network. Each NFT will be packed full of ciphers and hidden riddles that need to be solved. Users who stake their NFTs will generate farming rewards which shall be paid in $TANG, the governance token of the Tangent platform. Staking multiple NFTs will increase or “turbocharge” users’ rewards. The complex NFTs, will on one level be collectible digital art pieces but on another, will form parts of smart contracts. This is why Tangent coined the phrase, operative artwork, to describe their novel approach to NFTs which can also perform functions within smart contracts used in decentralized finance applications on the Cardano network. The time and effort put into each design cannot be matched by any computer aided design option. Tangent feels this is real art and should be respected accordingly. For their first proof of concept for their NFT launchpad Tangent have collaborated with Gweilo beer to create an alcohol-free craft beer where users can trade in their NFT to redeem the physical beer worldwide.

Launch Date

Launch Date Tangent will be commencing the sale of the Genesis Series via a Lucky Draw method with a fixed low fee via their own website, using NMKR’s robust NFT toolset. NMKR is the most professional, widely used minting tool found on the Cardano Network.

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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/CPbUnZMtZF

Telegram: https://t.me/TangentADA

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/tangentada

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