The Second HourGlass $WAIT AMA Recap

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Having been listed on CoinMarketCap since our last AMA, Hourglass $WAIT has exploded in value, community growth has skyrocketed, and their vision coming into fruition with every day that passes by.

Some initial words from Jett on telegram to start the AMA

“Ok, so let me begin by saying this – a lot of early stage projects talk big, but we all know in this space very few follow through. We have followed through and the numbers speak for themselves. We’re in the top 1% in terms of performers in the last several weeks, we have been audited successfully by Interfi with a high rating. We have been added to CoinGecko and Coin Market Cap and we have landed a growth partnership with a global retail and entertainment conglomerate that is going to take us many levels beyond where we are now. At this point, quite honestly, I’m not here to sell anyone on Hourglass – we underpromise – we overdeliver. Lemon and I are just here to help people who are still having trouble connecting the dots. We are swamped and beyond excited about what is to come. We are moving light speed.”

Partnership is like a supplement where the combined effect is beyond the individual level. Can you name some of your recent partnerships that can help your project? Is there any partnership that will take place in the near future? Can you tell us with whom?

NEFT Brands, a global conglomerate that owns a portfolio of premium alcohol brands, TV productions, live entertainment promotions, celebrity podcasts, apps, and media companies will partner with the decentralized community of Hourglass to facilitate growth and offer in-house resources. NEFT Brands and its subsidiary NEFT Entertainment have also purchased a stake in Hourglass and have pledged to be a liquidity provider for Hourglass’s token, $WAIT, beginning with $100k in liquidity to be added shortly.

The parties were brought together by an Hourglass Foundation community leader who goes by “Jett,” ( a former M&A dealmaker and crypto social media influencer.

“This is a dream partnership for our young but quickly growing community,” Jett explained. “NEFT is not just one company, it’s an empire. The resources here are endless. Through our growth partnership, our community will have access to a wide international audience, top-level TV production, tech development, e-commerce, and incredible live events to co-promote our offerings as we grow our Hourglass community. We are going to position ourselves to be perfect partners to many great crypto communities and blockchain projects.”

NEFT’s ultra-premium vodka ( has received multiple awards and accolades, including being a two-time winner of “Best Vodka” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

NEFT’s entertainment productions includes the Roast Battle that takes place at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood every Tuesday night. Special guests have included Jeffrey Ross, Dane Cook, Seth Green, Joe Rogan, and Annie Lederman. NEFT entertainment’s sister company produces podcasts, television productions, and live streaming content in-house including Roast Battle Podcast, and the podcast of NBA legend Byron Scott. They have begun working with Hourglass and Jett on developing a crypto themed reality show.

The wide array of entertainment and experiential endeavors run by NEFT includes a project with George Steinbrenner and his Steinbrenner racing team which includes a partnership with Andretti Autosports.

“We believe in the power of blockchain and decentralized communities,” explained NEFT COO Eric Chapman. “We are very excited to be working with Hourglass.”

Also our partnership with neft puts us with companies, events, and brands all across the globe. Neft is our access to them.

I was surprised how quickly this project evolved! At this pace where do you see hourglass in 1 year and in 5 years (not the price, I mean business-wise)

I’m personally not putting any limits on what we can achieve, especially with our alliance with NEFT, anything is possible. As I said in the last AMA, we want to achieve our full potential and be ubiquitous. We have just under 500 holders now. There is a long way from 500 holders to being everywhere.

I agree with jett I mean really how can one say where we will be? That in my opinion will put a limit on possibilities. With the community we have, the tokenomics of 0/0 so we aren’t a tax grab, and the partnership we have secured the limits are nonexistent. We are building a family here, that family is going to be the next OG as they are going to learn the value of holding and building a community with a strong team.

The true potential of $WAIT is what the community believes it can be. We got up to this point because we have incredible token holders who are passionate about what we are doing and spreading the word. We are certainly going to plant many more seeds and reach a ton of eyeballs in ongoing co-branded events with NEFT that have not even begun. The token holders then amplify our network effect by being our strongest advocates. So i’d say the potential is virtually unlimited.

I’m saying this with 0 cap 🧢. Tuesday I am getting flown out to meet the neft team and talk about future endeavors. I never in my life expected I’d be getting flown to an HQ to meet the ceo of a major global company so really the potential of this is endless. Look at the events and people neft surrounds themselves with. I honestly don’t think anyone can fathom the true potential as it’s just that profound

When can we expect to see the 888 nft launch?

We will have updates on this in the coming weeks. We have a VERY full week of announcements and surprises ahead first.

Yes we still have full blow marketing plan to get our nft launch the eyes it deserves

I read that some of the $WAIT ( builders will have a meeting in LA next week.

What can we expect from this event? Will the focus be on the partnership with @neftvodkaus ( or do you have other plans too?

That’s right, I will be taking Lemon and another one of our day 1 foundation founders Stingray to meet the folks at NEFT at their immaculate corporate HQ and we will be filming some content. We are in early stages of developing a crypto themed reality show with an experience production team.

I have been hitting the gym, going tanning, and getting my head/ beard cleaned up for my close up. I can’t wait for everyone to see what neft truly has offer. When we say HQ we mean this is like the nasa Houston space station of global entertainment. The resources hourglass is being provided with are well top tier.

What are some crucial benefits that will Muunifi partnership bring to $wait holders?

We do not have any formal partnership with Muunifi. However, I really like what they are doing with their decentralized ownership model and have a lot of respect for their CEO Taylor who I talk to. I’m a Citadel member, which is one of the original social media influencers they chose to help build the foundation of Muunifi and I’ve talked to Taylor about collaboration opportunities. Don’t be surprised to see us get interviewed by Taylor and for us to interview him in the coming weeks.

To launch our announcement on Muunifi was a strategic move by jett. As he said we have not partnered, but we are increasing our reach everyday across platforms. It’s brilliant free marketing not only for Muunifi but for hourglass as well. We have business geniuses in hourglass that are working everyday to increase our reach and bring in new buyers/ holders.

What is the competitive advantage of your project? What advantage do you have over your competitors? What will be your project’s most secure competitors in the current arena in terms of scalability, security, features and application capabilities?

First – our tokenomics are key. We are 100% circulating so there Is no outside force dumping on you. We have zero tax. We have 100 years of locked liquidity so we are “rug proof.” We also have NEFT pledging to be a liquidity provider which will start with 100k soon. Second, I believe we probably have more resources to spread adoption than 99% of tokens outside the top 100 and at the moment we are still a microcap. I don’t think we have any direct competitors. In fact, we want to work together with other decentralized communities, not against them, and this is something we will be talking about in the future.

Yes hourglass isn’t competing with anyone but ourselves. We are going to bring up other projects this is going to further secure us in the crypto space. Crypto is plagued with toxicity and scams. We want to help non scam projects flourish along with us providing a safer space for everyone to invest

If the community is considered the backbone, security is also an extremely important factor. So is your project currently audited or not? How to convince that Hourglass security system is safe enough for investors as well as the community against hacker attacks?

Hourglass $WAIT has passed a Smart Contract Security Audit conducted by industry leader InterFi Network. Hourglass achieved an outstanding rating of 9.1 out of 10. InterFi has audited more than 500k solidity code-lines on Binance, Ethereum, Cronos, Fantom, Avalanche, Polygon, Bitcoin Cash, Oasis, and Metis Smart Chains.

Hourglass has been issued the following Audit Compliance Certificate. The Ethereum Chain/Solidity language smart contract audit consisted of both an automated analysis and a manual code review.

Can you tell us some of the remarkable ways to earn more $WAIT in your platform? What are the benefits of buying your tokens especially now that we are in bear market? What are the advantages of holding $WAIT for a long time?

So, I want to make it clear we are not a defi project, we are a community token. That said you can earn $WAIT if you want to be a liquidity provider on Uniswap. We are going to make an announcement on token utility as well that is going to make people very happy. I will give a little hint for the first time. Those that showed COMMITMENT or PATIENCE in holding $WAIT will receive some very nice benefits. Don’t be surprised if we announce we took a snapshot in coming weeks – and it will just be the first.

There won’t necessarily be ways to earn more wait. This takes away from the value of it in my opinion. By creating ways for people to earn more wait it decreases the value as you don’t have to do anything to earn it. Everyone involved in wait holders, partners, liquidity providers, team members, every single person has spent their own money to hold wait. No one was given free bags ever. We are not sending anything to influencers we aren’t sending to partners. It’s way to valuable to be giving away

What is your plan about globalization? Do you have local Communities for those user who don’t understand English well? What can we expect to see from your platform in the short-term (at some point in 2022) & 2023?And beyond (long-term goals)?

Even in our very early stage, we are global and our founder’s team is spread out all over the world. We want to continue and further expand our global reach as we grow exponentially. Someting that is interesting is that NEFT is also currently expanding globally, which makes for a lot of very nice cross promotion opportunities.

Neft is our gateway to global adoption, as it becomes more of a necessity we will bring on translators to run those tg and communities.

Without sufficient funds, each project cannot carry out its construction properly. For me the main priority is to have sufficient funds to run a project. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? How does this project generate revenue for the project & users?

When we first started that was a major concern, it is no longer even on the table we have the funds

One of the very best parts about Hourglass is we have zero payroll. We are a community token, so we have NO salaries we need to fund, NO payroll. This has been a big problem for other projects where they need money then have to dump their uncirculating supply to fund their own expenses, which hurts all token holders. That will NEVER happen here by our structure itself. All our community members help out. We are blessed to have community members, including myself and several others that are already successful financially so it’s no problem for me and others to donate to our growth. This was BEFORE the NEFT partnership. Now we have overkill resources and can do anything we want.

Can you share about $WAIT token utility? What are the use of $WAIT token in #Hourglass ecosystem? What would be the total supply of tokens after completing the token burn?

I covered this a little earlier. We are going to announce more formally token utiility in coming weeks. But as a hint, we will reward those who are committed and those who are patient. We can tell how much $WAIT wallets have AND long people have been holding their $WAIT in Etherscan, kind of like Santa we know. We want to reward the non whales too who were patient as well. The total supply is just under 98 million. They are all circulating. There is an API link here.

We only have 2-3% supply left it’s already supply shock I think personally burning would be a waste for future holders but that’s my opinion we are a community so all will be considered

we’re currently in the bear market. So As the current market situation is too unstable, it holds investors back. So can you give me some good reasons why I should buy your tokens in this market situation? And also why should your token holder continue to hold?

To be frank, with a growing decentralized community where 100% is circulating, the bear market has not mattered that much. Look what $TSUKA did in the last 3 months while Bitcoin was going down. And quite frankly, look what we did the last 5 weeks while Bitcoin was going down. This is a bigger concern for tokens that need funding and have large payrolls and expenses that they may have a harder and harder time. We are blessed to have none of these issues and are set for exponential growth regardless of bull or bear market. If it’s a bear market, that’s fine, there are always still unicorns that shine in a bear market and we plan to be one of them.

So far we have been the hedge against the market. As eth decreases price and hourglass increases you are not only increasing your ethereum value but increasing your overall wealth IN A BEAR MARKET….when bull comes not only will hourglass price drastically increase with more liquidity in the market but also people will be more open to invest. Also take a look at our chart and our community. We have all committed to holding. Look at top holders. I can say without doxxing wallets or selling false info, our top holders and large investors have verbally committed to holding the line with us and riding all the way up. These top holders are in our founders group and understand the potential of this project, look at the wicks the accumulation is unreal…the supply is scarce I wouldn’t want to give up something that doesn’t have much left, and that is proving it’s still in the infant stage of its development

Will NEFT accept $wait as a form of payment In The near term. If so, would it be a smart idea to add a 1% burn to our Tokenomics for a deflationary asset.

We are very early so anything is possible but we are not really pushing the idea of $WAIT as a form of liquid money. More likely – and this is conceptual not on road map exactly but perhaps if you have x amount of $WAIT you get discounts on NEFT, airdrops, and invites to epic NEFT parties / star studded events, sports events, comedy events, concerts etc. These are things we are talking about. In general, we expect people will want to hoard their $WAIT not spend it, once they see how valuable it is. We have promised and made 0/0 tax a staple and we will not change that on holders or new buyers.

Will we ever get some sick irl merch?👀

Yes, this is coming. In fact, I need to go to my mailbox, just got a ton of blank shirts in all different sizes… also i’ll give you guys a fun scoop… NEFT has in-house large format printing and T-shirt manufacturing.

Also shipping to Europe!

The in-house merch printing machine!

To find out even more about the Hourglass project check out their website!

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