Introduction to Tiamonds

What are Tiamonds

Tiamonds is the largest blockchain-powered marketplace for diamonds NFT worldwide. Real diamonds are transformed into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Stored in vaults near the alps of Switzerland in Liechtenstein within a highly secured environment, and even insured by Lloyd’s London.

A Tiamond represents legal ownership rights to diamonds in the real world. Each NFT asset has a 1:1 backing to a physical and completely certified diamond.

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TIA Token

The TIA token is a community driven DeFi Token based on the ERC20 infrastructure. It grows in scarcity as supply is burned to counter inflation.

TIA has deflationary integrations, that can regulate supply and therefore increase its value.

Reflection: 5% fee of every buy/transfer/sell is redistributed to all existing holders.

Rebalancing: 2.5% fee of every transaction is automatically transferred into LCX token at Uniswap. The LCX Token acquired will be added to LCX’s long-term reserve.

Burn: 2.5% of the TIA Tokens are burned automatically.

Maximum Supply: 1,010,000,000 TIA

Current Supply: 210,000,000 (19/09/2022)

Tia Tokens will be distributed to the owners of Tiamonds in an ‘Own to Earn’ model over a period of 1 million minutes (2 years) with a rate of 1 TIA token per minute for each Tiamond NFT.

The Own to Earn model will distribute TIA Tokens to Tiamond NFT owners over a fixed period. Each user who owns a Tiamond will get a fixed supply of TIA Tokens automatically.

The first Tiamonds drop will result in 100 million TIA tokens to be distributed amongst participants of the ‘Own to Earn’ model. Over 100 Tiamond NFT holders will receive a share over a period of two years at a rate of 1 TIA Token per minute.


The TIA Token enables a community-first decision approach, with a vibrant, diverse, and dedicated governance system that will continue to guide this project into the future.

With community voting being the engine of TIA’s decision making process, it ensures that the development of TIA’s ecosystem is in line with the core values of holders and community members. As potential developments are proposed, the governance system will give the community an opportunity to shape the project they have invested to directly.

The proposal process will allow the holder, or community member to submit a proposal as a forum post (Tiamonds Proposal Section). A Tiamonds moderator will decide whether a proposal still needs to reviewed, then it will be added to a snapshot check for 7 days allowing forum members to discuss the suggestion.

The proposal process falls under the three core categories of the ecosystem.

Core: Business Decision

Process: Change in the process or implementations such as:

  • Decision of how many additional Tiamonds NFTs will be created.
  • Decision of the range and variety of Diamonds to be tokenized.
  • Decision about distribution rations and how many TIA Tokens will be awarded to each new Tiamond NFT.

Informational: General guidelines for the community.

All proposals should be submitted with the following template.

Title: TIP (Tiamonds Improvement Proposal) {Heading}

Proposal Category: Allocate category in accordance to above information.

Motivation: Why this suggestion should be implemented.

Rationale: An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the Tiamonds community’s values and goals.

Description: A detailed explanation of TIP and steps to implement the proposal.

A discussion will take place on the forum page, allowing for further input and development of the TIP by the community.

TIA Diamonds Celebrity Edition

In recent developments, the community of TIA voted to launch ‘Diamonds Celebrity Edition’, in their whitepaper the statement “Tiamonds is a project by LCX with the goal to showcase the opportunities of tokenized assets, to educate consumers about tokenization through  gamification and to create a community driven token economy” accentuates the top priority of the Crypto space, and that is the education of the market. A celebrity edition will allow TIA to exactly do that, reaching millions of prospects worldwide.

  • 10 International Celebrities and Influencers will launch the special celebrity edition Tiamonds NFT, each celebrity will be a steward of their own diamond NFT.
  • These Tiamonds will be presented by them, focusing on special customisations uniquely adapted for each diamond and celebrity.
  • Celebrities and influencers will collaborate with LCX and Tiamonds to make announcements, create key visuals and social media content.
  • 100 Diamonds tokenized and launched as asset-backed Tiamonds.

Diamonds Industry

The diamond industry itself is already, and has been booming. Valued at approximately $100 Billion USD, the industry is expecting to soar above that amount in the coming years, and should completely surpass its current evaluation in 2024.

The problem with diamonds is that the market is controlled by few, and diamonds are priced without transparency, accountability, and in complex manners. Tiamonds creates an ecosystem that is completely see-through to the consumer, and also highly efficient, allowing diamonds to be bought in matters of seconds.

The Tiamonds Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform makes use of a plethora of smart contracts and compliant marketplace practices to enable instant global trade of physical diamonds in the form of Tiamonds. The platform is fully operational, stable and ready for growth.

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