Welcome to Epidaurus!

Epidaurus is a green and secure utility cryptocurrency, with a separate social venture charity branch. The project has multiple innovative use cases that pair with their flourishing ecosystem of projects that are associated with Epidaurus.

“A solar powered, open-source, proof-of-stake cryptocurrency.”

“Aiming to be a leader by example as a carbon-conscious enterprise in every aspect of our work – today and moving forward.”

“All coming together to bring our global digital community a growing multi-faceted cryptocurrency.”

Origin of the name Epidaurus

Epidaurus is the name of the ancient Greek amphitheater where by design, a single coin dropped can be heard by the entire (14,000-seat) venue.

This amphitheater and sanctuary was built for the god/hero of medicine Asclepius and son of Apollo! The theater and events were actually part of the cure and treatments of the hospital.

Social venture & Charity branch

Epidaurus are in the finalizing stages of their application in the UK for their non-profit charity. The “Earth 2088 Foundation”  is dedicated to getting clean, sustainable drinking water and sanitation to the 1 out of 3 people globally who do not currently have access to it. They have committed to fighting climate change in every way they can.

While the charity is a separate legal entity from the Epidaurus project, they are firmly aligned to it and its ideals. Epidaurus has allocated 3% of the total EPiD distribution exclusively to the charity wallet for the “Earth 2088 Foundation”, additionally, 3% of their operations budget and liquidity will also be directed to furthering the foundation’s goals.

From EPiD’s launch in September 2022 until December 21st 2022, a fee of 0.4% from every trade will go into the charity wallet to fund the Foundation’s efforts. They will also be accepting donations, and conducting normal independent fundraising activities. 

The Team behind the project

Epidaurus is built by a group of multicultural professionals working together digitally in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and in the southern hemisphere. The staff includes ex-pats, 3rd culture professionals, and digital nomads. The team has a wide variety of expertise and knowledge coming together to grow their expanding project long term.

Latest Partnerships

The team have used their experience in the field and have partnered with Marathon events promoting the wellness community. They are making changes in the single use waste and the most carbon conscious green and local products for runners’ water stations, being the change for a more sustainable way of living and adding innovation by use of NFTs for runner’s results.

Epidaurus have recently confirmed their first partnership with the “Pescara” half marathon in Italy starting in 2023. They will be sponsoring smaller, community focused half marathons, 5km and 10km events held on the same day for a minimum of two years. Epidaurus is also in talks with two more half marathon organizers in Portugal and Wales (UK).

Aside from a standard sponsorship role, they will also be facilitating a massive change to the runner water stations. The goal is to locally source and deliver the most sustainable and green single-use water cups for runners at all water stations during the events.

There will also be an offering for the participant to mint their race results into a personalized NFT which will contain their timing chip data and other relevant data from the event. The goal is to offer the NFT at a price point of 20 euros or less. In the long term Epidaurus’ goal is to facilitate the process for future marathons that may begin to accept registration fees using cryptocurrency.


Fee Structure

The token contract itself will have a built-in fee structure that will apply to all core transfer events regardless of source or destination. The idea is to implement the fee mechanics in the lower level _transfer() function of ERC-20 standard implementation. A 0.08% fee will be applied to all the transactions in total, and will be distributed as follows:

● 0.042% will be sent to the predefined charity wallet.

● 0.019% will be burned.

● 0.019% will be sent to the rebasing wallet.

After the Epidaurus smart contract is permanently finalized in December 2022, the fees will be reduced by one half and will become a total of 0.04%, which will be distributed as following:

● 0.021% will be sent to the predefined charity wallet.

● 0.010% will be burned.

● 0.009% will be sent to the rebasing wallet.

Find out more about Epidaurus

Website: https://www.epidaurus.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.epidaurus.io/white-paper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Epidaurus_io

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/epidaurus.io

The Great Moonshot and Epidaurus are holding an exclusive airdrop for our readers, for more information: https://thegreatmoonshot.com/how-to-enter-the-great-moonshot-x-epidaurus-exclusive-airdrop/

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