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What is LCX?

LCX.com – Innovating Capital Markets. Solutions for compliant digital assets and security tokens. LCX Exchange is a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies. LCX is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure bridging the gap between traditional monetary systems and the fast-moving trusted technology landscape. LCX was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and branches in Crypto-Valley Zug (Switzerland) and New Delhi (India).

LCX is a centralised exchange (CEX), these allow for the trading of large quantities to Cryptoassets which have been deemed to be secure, regulated, and compliant. Ultimately, if a token is listed on LCX, there is no doubt that the legitimacy of the project has been assessed to its core – allowing for investors to securely buy and sell any Cryptoasset listed on LCX.

These exchanges occur through the LCX Terminal. A combination of all major crypto exchanges located on a single interface. You can simply link your accounts from exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, among others and obtain real-time portfolio statistics allowing you to calculate value with ease. All these features come at no cost, meaning there is no barrier to anyone looking to take their first step into crypto.

Alongside features for the day-to-day Cryptoasset investor, there is a platform specifically created for B2B. The LCX Token Sale Manager, allows for projects to establish their own cryptocurrency on the platform and develop their own smart contracts. LCX offers strict regulatory assistance, alongside Know Your Customer (KYC) features.

The LCX token was developed for the payment of trading fees, subscription charges, custodian fees, and processing fees. Holders also receive bonuses in line with the quantity that they hold, such as discounts on most fees. LCX is purely a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

LCX company culture

LCX is a technology company at heart and has committed to the following company

culture principles:

● Customer Focus. First,

● Learn. Be Curious.

● Reflect. Deliver Results.

● Simplify. Take Action.

● Loyalty and Trust. We are a family, help and trust each other.

● F*ck Average. Be Legendary.

LCX has a clear path and that is clearly demonstrated through the culture that they have established for all their stakeholders. The continuous curiosity that inhabits from the investors of LCX to the developers has led to the sophisticated token that LCX is today. LCX understands how to communicate, dedicate their skills, time, and experience to service their mission. Their plans are goal-oriented, and their goals are unlike any other. LCX, since its creation in 2018, has continued to prove why they are timeless and will continue to serve every client beyond expectation.

Who are LCX strategic partners?

• World Economic Forum

LCX has become a member at the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum, and joins a select group of global companies.

• Ledger

Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

• Global Digital Finance (GDF)

LCX joined Global Digital Finance (GDF) to shape Public Policy for Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

• Blockchain Research Institute

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is an independent, global think-tank, co-founded by Don and Alex Tapscott.

• Global Digital Finance (GDF)

GDF is an industry membership body that promotes the adoption of best practices for cryptoassets and digital finance technologies.

What products and services does LCX offer?

LCX is building a financial ecosystem for digital assets to become the new category leader in the blockchain industry. This can be only achieved by combining several key elements as outlined below:

• LCX Terminal – trading desk for managing the complete crypto asset trading lifecycle cross platform

• LCX Exchange – aiming to launch a regulated exchange and marketplace for crypto asset and security token trading

• LCX DeFi terminal – a completely new & better trading experience with a user-friendly dashboard, Offers Limit Order, Pro-swap, & Chart option

• LCX Token sale manager – fully compliant token issuance solution combining all legal and technology aspects

• LCX Protocol – a decentralized compliance protocol aka. “The Liechtenstein Protocol” to standardize the way security-tokens are issued and traded on blockchains.

• LCX TiamondsTiamonds NFTs are non-fungible tokens (NFT) representing the ownership rights of real-world Diamonds.

For more information about LCX visit: https://www.lcx.com/

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