xSTIK is an XRP based NFT collection with a deep focus on community. The team and the community have pushed full transparency and share the same vision, and goal for the project. There are constant discussions within the community chats about innovation, pushing the project and XRP forward. The project has received backing from huge names within the industry, to name a few; Jeremy Hogan and John E. Deaton support xSTIK and have their own Custom NFT sets, @XRPjenna, @THEREALESMITTY, @cryptokhloe_, @RoseXrp @JustWazza_BCXRP, @Chloe_Le_Pen and the list goes on.

We, The Great Moonshot have collaborated with the team behind xSTIK to bring a community-based AMA and give us and their investors a deeper insight on the future of xSTIK.

Questions & Answers

Q: I know xSTIK has all of the essentials ready (WP, website etc.). Before the launch on the 9th of December 2021. Just wondering how long the preparation took before it was all ready for the 9th of December launch?

A: We started preparing for the project in early November 2021. We had Twitter and Instagram set up first. Then Sam created the token on the 9th of December and two days after that we had the Website and Whitepaper ready. Then things started to move really fast as we had a HUGE airdrop of 500M tokens on 16th of January.

Q: Is there a chance that Elon Musk would likely have an xSTIK custom NFT?

A: We hope so! We would definitely make him one with a little discount. Haha.

Q: I’ve met a few people that have sold their $XSTIK back to $XRP; thinking $XSTIK will be worthless in the future – for them people  I would like to ask if there are any future plans for how  $XSTIK is valued other than purchasing NFTS – passive income etc.?

A: Other than extensive reward systems and $xSTIK being the NFT currency, we might see some game adaptations in the future. But we also plan to keep the token supply deflationary to keep the value up as the demand rises.

Q: In the year 2030; do you think I will be able to buy a coffee with my $XSTIK tokens?

A: Once XRP has gotten clarity and if it’s adopted widely into use, sure! Cryptos are the future and we believe in them.

Q: Any forecast you’ve foreseen so far as to when the price will be likely 1:1?

A: We can’t give financial advice or price predictions. But what we can say is that The Team will work tirelessly to bring value to the project. NFTs and the Token.

Q: Will xSTIK also go into animation? Example taking all the #xSTIK characters and putting them in an animated series like @LEGO_Group is doing?

A: This has been in the talks. The characters xSTIK has created have unlimited potential. Also The Lore (backstory in Whitepaper) is supporting this sort of development. We could hire a good animator later on.

Q: Do you guys have a target on how many $XSTIK coins you will burn? And how long will $XSTIK allow users to stake?

A: We haven’t decided yet on what would be the target supply after burning. 589M would sound nice wouldn’t it? The holders’ Staking Zone is ongoing as long as we have supply to sustain it.

Q: Will $XSTIK be creating @JoelKatz and @bgarlinghouse NFTS?

A: xSTIK’s target is to become the Official XRP Mascot and the go-to project for NFT artwork. So the answer is yes, we might do Custom sets for them!

Q: $XSTIK has been blowing the roof off in their Telegram channel. Do you think you can keep this up and keep the channel so much fun?

A: We are constantly coming up with ideas to keep our Telegram interesting and fun for the community.

Q: I wanted to know this for a long time now. Is Sumi’s (Arist) hands insured?

A: They are not insured. But it should be! They create amazing artwork with over 30 years of experience.

Q: Sumi, Sam and Alex (Team members), if you only have one word to describe yourself, what word would you choose?

A: Sumi: Talented, Sam: Innovative, Michael: Perfectionist

Q: What are the greatest innovations that XSTIK has achieved?

A: The XSTIK Characters, NFT Auctions, Drop zone reward system and the custom NFT workshop just to name a few.

And a quick note from the founder to finish off the AMA

“And the most important thing at the end: Greatest value of xSTIK lies in the artwork. Our Artist Sumi Stik does all the NFT artwork and xSTIK characters. We copy from nobody, all the artwork is unique and innovative. Sumi has a distinctive style. He can draw freehand (Custom NFTs) and do vector graphics (NFT tier cards). There is no limit to what he can really do. This is the greatest asset of our project. Sumi is 43 years old, professional AD and designer with an experience of 30 years doing artwork. One of my best friends in real life also knew him from 1998. Please see our http://Instagram.com/xrpstik to have a look at our artwork. Some of the texts and information graphics are done by @ReymarkBrogada and @KirkBrevon too. But all artwork by Sumi Stik, the #1 NFT artist in the scene.”

For more information about xSTIK head over to their link tree: https://linktr.ee/xrpstik

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