xSTIK – Project Summary & An Innovative Strategy to Passive Income

What is an NFT

To quickly simplify Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for those still unaware, it is a unique digital asset that can only belong to one entity. The unique metadata, which cannot be modified, means that the NFT cannot be duplicated. Imagine if everyday objects had their own thumbprint, that’s what an NFT ultimately is.

What Is an XRP Ledger?

The XRP ledger is an efficient, low-cost, and reliable alternative to other ledgers. It is highly scalable and encapsulates what a sustainable token should truly be, allowing transactions to be made on negligible energy outputs – alongside this, XRP is in complete circulation and further mining is not required. Its low fees, high speeds, and custom token functionalities prove XRP as the optimal choice for xSTIK.

Mission & Vision

xSTIK is aimed to become a world-famous xSTIK figure and community-approved official XRP mascot. Influencers, actors, artists, celebrities, athletes, and corporate leaders will become a part of this community. Some already have. 

xSTIK is much more than your typical NFT project, xSTIK is lively, artful, versatile, and genuine. The back story, the investors, the community, and countless hours of hard work have propelled it to its current status.

Transparency, integrity, and quality are the essence of why xSTIK matters and will continue to matter in the coming years.

NFT Tiers

xSTIK current tier list is separated into 13 different categories: Original, Original Gen2, Poker Card, Rare, Custom Rare, Head, Custom Head, Art Series, Gold Token, Epic, Custom, Legendary, and Diamond. There is currently no mystery tier NFT’s, they may or may not be announced in due time, stay updated. 

Passive Income 

xSTIK offers their holders passive income in the form of monthly draws at the 1st of every month. Similarly to how dividends are payed out to shareholders – you get paid for owning a an xSTIK NFT. The xSTIK staking zone, will allow your token to work for you, gathering interest as time goes on. The top 400 holders are rewarded, with the top 100 receiving double the interest (1%) at the start of every month. Interest is calculated at the point of snapshot, e.g. if you hold 1,000,000 $xSTIK, placing you in the top 100 – you will receive 10,000 $xSTIK at the start of the month!


Bi-weekly auctions are held on the xSTIK telegram, Sundays 6PM UTC so make sure you join the telegram with some $xSTIK to join in on the lively auctions held by the xSTIK team. Alongside those auctions, the team holds telegram game competitions with the winners earning prizes!

Accumulation Challenge

The xSTIK accumulation challenge has been a running, and well-received event in the community. The top five holders with the most $xSTIK accumulated throughout the month will receive lucrative xSTIK NFTs as a thank you!

Tokenomics (10 August, 2022)

Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000

Current Supply: 838,250,444

Tokens Burned to Date: 161,749,556

Current MarketCap: $1,200,000


Phase 1 2021

Project Launch – Website – Whitepaper – Telegram, Twitter, Instagram – XUMM Verified – Airdrop – Blachole account – NFT concept and Tier cards – KYC

Phase 2 2022

Building The Community – Marketing & Growth Strategy – Exchange Listing – Merchandise – Giveaways – NFT Drops & Auctions

xSTIK becomes community approved as the official XRP mascot.

Phase 3

xSTIK becomes a world-famous figure – Number one NF company in XRPL – Custom NFTs, Drop Zones & Auctions – Possible Game adaptations – Reaching out to even bigger audiences.

You can find out more about xSTIK: https://linktr.ee/xrpstik

The Great Moonshot has also collaborated with xSTIK for an exclusive AMA which you can find here: https://thegreatmoonshot.com/xstik-ama/

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